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Teuta Hoxha, c/o 2019 Women's Volleyball St. Joseph's College


Gabriella Vides-Barry, c/o 2019 Women's Track & XC Lees-McRae College

Andrew Asselta, c/o 2019 Men's Cross Country Sacred Heart


Catherine Durant, c/o 2019 Women's Track Le Moyne College

Perla Rodriguez, c/o 2018 Women's Cross Country & Track St. Francis College

Ellma Hodzic, c/o 2018 Women's Basketball York College

Josiah Thompson, c/o 2018 Men's Track University of Connecticut

Jaron Thompson, c/o 2018 Men's Cross Country & Track CSI

Wilson Esguerra, c/o 2018 Men's Cross Country & Track CSI

Kayla Ostermann, c/o 2018 Women's Volleyball, St. Joseph's College

Pamela Smolinski, c/o 2018 Women's Soccer CCNY

Kaitlin Keough

Kaitlin Keough, c/o 2017 Women's Volleyball Queens Borough CC

Justin Vasquez, c/o 2017 Men's Tennis, Brooklyn College

Meni Musheyev, c/o 2017 Men's Volleyball Baruch College

Patrick Nitti, c/o 2017 Men's Track, Hunter College

Daesha Garrison, c/o 2017 Women's Volleyball, SUNY Old Westbury

Dennil Erazo, c/o 2017 Men's Cross Country, Bowdoin College

William Marin, c/o 2016 Men's Swimming, Lehman College

Kayla Newton, c/o 2016 Women's Basketball, Pace University

Anabel Hernandez, c/o 2016 Women's Basketball, Queensborough Community College

Yeaslie Velasco, c/o 2015 Women's Volleyball, Baruch College

Marissa Artz, c/o 2015 Women's Softball, John Jay College

Kiara Castro, c/o 2015 Women's Basketball, Dean College

CJ Montefusco, c/o 2015 Men's Basketball, York College

Nathalia Pietrantoni, c/o 2015 Women's Soccer, John Jay College

Jaclyn Thammakhoune, c/o 2014 Women's Basketball, Baruch College

Christofer Castro, c/o 2014 Men's Cross Country & Track, Hunter College

Marcin Madrzyk, c/o 2014 Men's Soccer, Brooklyn College


We are proud of our former athletes and the commitment they have taken in participating and competing at the collegiate level. To the right are Knight alumni in their college uniforms. Check their roster page out by clicking on their picture. If we are missing you, please fill out the form below to add you in!

The Metro Campus Athletic Department is always excited to hear from our former athletes. Your legacies and traditions continue to be passed on. Please feel free to drop your favorite Knight memory as an athlete below!

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