• Attendance - "Official" attendance is taken 2nd period by classroom teachers. If you are marked late to 2nd period class, you are officially late to school (no matter what time you arrived in the building).  To verify official attendance, or report an absence, please contact Ms. Rosalie in the main office at 718-286-3613.

    • Absence Notes - Students should bring in a note, either from the parent or doctor, upon returning to school following an absence.  Notes should be left in the marked bin on the counter in our main office. 

    • Late Students - Students who arrive late to school (after 2nd period attendance) must stop in the main office to sign the "late book" so that their attendance can be recorded.

    • Out-of-Building Pass Request Form- Students who have a legitimate unavoidable appointment during school hours (doctors visits, dentist or orthodontic appointments, or court appearances) must complete an Out-of-Building Pass Request Form and return it to the main office no later than 8:00 am of the morning of the request.  This Request Form must be signed by the parent and the parent must be accessible by phone to confirm the legitimacy of the request before the student is issued a pass to exit the building.

    • JupiterGrades Attendance - Parents who sign up for attendance notifications from JupiterGrades, will receive a text or email message if their child is marked late or absent for an individual class.  This is a teacher's classroom attendance and is not part of the school's "official" attendance.  If you receive a questionable attendance notification from JupiterGrades, you must contact the teacher directly to resolve the issue.  

  • Lockers - Lockers are not assigned by the school and are on a first come first serve basis. Students must provide their own lock and should lock all valuables in their locker during the school day.  

  • Lost and Found - Lost and Found box for clothing is located in the Dean's office (room 1005).  Found valuables (jewelry, keys, wallets, etc.) are kept in the main office.  

  • ​MetroCards - Lost or stolen MetroCards should be reported to Ms. Martha in the main office at the end of the school day (2:20). Students will receive their replacement card in a day or two, depending on availability.

  • Outside Beverages - Students are not permitted to bring open containers from outside into the school building.  Open containers will be confiscated. This includes Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Arizona cans, etc.  Glass bottles are not permitted.


  • PE Uniforms - Students are required to dress in school issued uniform for gym.  Students must wear at least the QMHS t-shirt and shorts to be prepared for class, sweatpants are optional.  Shirts - $6, Shorts - $9 and Sweatpants - $12.  Buy a "Bundle" of 2 Shirts + 1 Short for $20.

  • School Lunch - 

    • Lunch is free for all students in all DOE schools this school year.

  • Student IDs - Students are responsible for keeping their ID card with them at all times.  Replacement cards cost $3 and can be obtained from Ms. Darlene in the main office. 

  • Working Papers - Students can obtain working papers by filling out an Application for Employment Certificate.  Completed application, signed by parent, should be given to Ms. Sandy with a copies of the student's Birth Certificate, a copy of their Social Security Card and a note from their doctor stating that the child is fit to work.  

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