Pupil Path is an online grade book. This website lets parents and students check current grades in every class with one individual log in, which you can check from an internet browser and through your smart phone. Teachers upload grades and assignments, keep classroom attendance, and can open a dialogue with parents and students.

Parents require an Registration Code to set up their account. Please email Ms. Ramazan at Kramazan@queensmetro.com to get your Parent Registration Code.

All student are provided with a queensmetro.com email address.  These are Gmail accounts and can be accessed from their main login page.   To confirm a student's queensmetro email, please contact the school. 

Sign in to see your NY School Account to see your child's recent test scores, attendance records, and grades.

To set up an account you will need your child's Student ID number, which you can find on his or her report card, as well as an Account Creation Code, which your school will supply.

Breakfast and lunch is now free for all students 

Kim Ramazan 

Parent Coordinator


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Forest Hills, NY 11375

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