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Committed to Education

Queens Metropolitan High School was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community Queens Metropolitan High School provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions.



As a proud product of Queens, having grown up and forged my educational journey within the nurturing realm of the NYCDOE, I am overjoyed and honored to step into the role of Principal at Queens Metropolitan High School. The vibrant diversity, the relentless spirit, and the profound sense of community inherent in our borough have not only shaped my ethos but significantly influenced my tenure at the Academy of Medical Technology. As I transition into this new chapter, I bring along a kaleidoscope of experiences, lessons, and a hearty dose of that indomitable Queens spirit.

Growing up in the close-knit community of Whitestone, Queens, I was privileged to embark on my educational odyssey within the nurturing and robust environment of our local K-8 schools. The strong foundational knowledge and the community- centric values instilled during those formative years prepared me for the rigorous academic endeavor that awaited at the Bronx High School of Science. The transition from the warm, familiar streets of Whitestone to the intellectually stimulating corridors of Bronx Science marked the beginning of a new chapter, broadening my horizons and igniting a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.


The rigorous curriculum and the culture of inquiry at Bronx Science further honed my analytical and problem-solving skills, providing a solid springboard for my subsequent academic pursuits. Venturing into the bustling heart of Manhattan, I delved into the intricate world of Operations Management and Corporate Finance at Bernard Baruch CUNY Honor College. The dynamic discourse and the camaraderie among aspiring professionals at Baruch provided a rich tapestry of experiences, expanding my understanding of the complex interplay between operational efficiency and financial acumen.


Yet, the call of my beloved Queens was ever resonant, leading me back to its welcoming embrace as I pursued my Masters of Secondary Education at St. John's University. This journey not only equipped me with the pedagogical skills necessary for nurturing the next generation of learners but also reinforced my commitment to giving back to the community that shaped my early ethos. Through each academic transition, the values, resilience, and the sense of community inherent in my Queens upbringing remained a guiding force, etching a path that eventually led me to serve the borough that I hold dear.


The decade-long expedition at the Academy of Medical Technology was akin to crafting a masterpiece from a canvas of challenges and potential. Together with an extraordinary team of educators, we transitioned our school from a TSI designation to a position of good standing. The graduation rate leaped from 58.88% in 2014 to a promising projection of 89% for June 2024, a testament to the collective resolve to ignite the flame of excellence in every learner.


Our partnership with Plaza College gave birth to the Medical Scholars program, opening new horizons for our students. As of October 26, the journey has led me to a seat at Plaza College's Board of Trustees, symbolizing a continual alliance aimed at fostering academic excellence. I will continue to build on this partnership here at Queens Metropolitan.

The pioneering strides in Urban Agriculture at AMT materialized through a collective vision, shared heartily between me, the dynamic local city council person at the time, now our esteemed Borough President, and the devoted team at Teens for Food Justice. This alliance of community engagement birthed the initiative we fondly named "Far Rock Farm to Table," aimed squarely at mitigating the prevailing food desert conditions in our vicinity. As the spearheads of this initiative, we embarked on an enriching journey to educate our students about sustainable agriculture, simultaneously providing fresh, nutritious produce to our community. Our endeavor blossomed into a symbiotic learning ecosystem where students seamlessly applied academic knowledge to real-world challenges, significantly contributing to alleviating local food scarcity.

The ripple effects of "Far Rock Farm to Table" cascaded beyond the school boundaries, fostering a culture deeply rooted in social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and community welfare. The resounding success of our Urban Agriculture project stands as a poignant testament to the immense potential of collaborative efforts in ushering meaningful change, embodying our collective commitment to nurturing a healthier, more sustainable community for all.

As AMT embarks on the exciting journey of establishing a new Robotics Lab, the partnership with Queens Metropolitan High School is poised to be a cornerstone of its success. Queens Metro, with its rich history of triumphs in robotics, will serve as a thought partner, lending its experience and expertise to the fledgling venture at AMT. This collaboration is envisioned to not only facilitate a smooth inception of the new campus Robotics Lab but to also foster a dynamic environment of shared learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. As we meld the tried-and-tested methodologies from Queens Metro with the fresh, vibrant energy of AMT's budding program, we are sowing the seeds for a robust, mutually enriching partnership.

The synergy further amplified as we embarked on collaborations with tech titans like Apple and trailblazers in AI, aligning our curriculum with the futuristic vistas of 2030-2040 career landscapes. This endeavor is a pledge to equip our students with a robust arsenal of skills and knowledge, ready to navigate the evolving global narrative for students across Queens. I will continue to cultivate these partnerships as I joyfully transition into this new role.

As I am poised to embark on a new journey at Queens Metropolitan High School, my humble roots as just a kid from Queens intertwine with the rich foliage of experiences accrued over time. The prospect of sowing seeds of excellence, innovation, and community engagement alongside each one of you is exhilarating. The ethos of Queens—its resilience, its innovation, and its nurturing camaraderie, serve as our compass as we navigate towards the uncharted gardens of possibilities. I am eager to delve into meaningful dialogues and collaborative ventures, I look forward to the blossoming milestones we'll undoubtedly achieve together in the fertile grounds of Queens Metropolitan.

With heartfelt enthusiasm and a touch of Queens pride,


William Johnson
Queens Metropolitan High School

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