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Established in 2011, our athletic program feeds from the three schools in our campus- QMHS, MELS, & P233. We have 21 teams participate through the PSAL. Our program has 8 city championships (4 boys volleyball, 1 baseball, and 3 wrestling)! Our mascot is the Knights and we wear red, white, and royal blue. 

The athletic department is dedicated to fostering an environment that sparks a lifelong appreciation for competition, exercise, discipline, teamwork, pride and sportsmanship. While we strive to build competitive teams- our primary mission is to promote lifelong skills and character traits that will make our athletes successful members of their communities.

2014-2015 Boys Volleyball Champions
2015-2016 Boys Volleyball Champions
2016-2017 Boys Volleyball Championship A & B  17.05.23 (139).jpg
2018-2019 Girls and Boys Wrestling Champions
2017-2018 Baseball Champions
2022-2023 Girls and Boys Wrestling Champions
2021-2022 Girls and Boys Wrestling Champions
2017-2018 Boys Volleyball Champions
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