Our core values are relationship, citizenship, scholarship and leadership.

We focus on ensuring that all students:

  • receive instruction that supports appropriate learning goals for them,

  • are integral members of the school community,

  • are active participants in the learning process,

  • and have multiple opportunities for success in school and beyond.


Our instructional focus for the year is to provide students with opportunities to engage in productive struggle to push their thinking and force them to think critically; and to insist that students use evidence to make claims through whole class discussion and/or writing. 


Through their academic courses, QMHS students will study and develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits of successful professionals.  As upperclassmen, QMHS students will have the opportunity to earn college credit through College Now courses and other venues that will support their future goals. 



"College is not just our dream, it's our right.

          Building our futures one step at a time."

      AP Courses:


•Comp Sci A


•US History

•World History

•English Language

•English Literature        

•Environmental Science                       

•US Government & Politics                   

 •Computer Science Principles


      College Now Courses:

      Students can graduate with 12+ College Credits!

                •College Algebra and Trig

                   •Critical Thinking

                      •Literacy and Propaganda

                         •Introduction to Composition

                             •Introduction to Statistics

                                 •Reading the Biography

                                   •Global Politics

                                     •Topics in Biology